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From Facebook, April 2022

Well, I think I will be raving about our visit to the Black Cat Cafe for Easter brunch for many years. My sister, niece, and almost 102 year old aunt enjoyed every single thing we put on our plates!! I have been to many brunches and/or breakfast buffets and this was, by far, the best I have ever experienced. The eggs, the bacon, the potatoes, the quiche, the pancakes, the chicken salad!!! I was in heaven and everything was so perfectly cooked and/or seasoned that my usually unhappy stomach is still happy hours later! And to top it off they are a non-profit attending to homeless cats! Even if they didn't I would recommend that you go have a meal there!! You won't be disappointed!! - Your friend, SM!!



From Google, March 2022

Prompt service, and food was delicious. My friend and I both Vegetable Panini. The tables are set either colorful tablecloths. The feeling here is warm and welcoming. It was a rainy day when we went ,but the way we were treated brightened the whole day. There's tons of eye candy for all you cat lovers. Profits go to animal shelters. The staff are volunteers so tip generously. Looking forward to going back.



From Google, March 2022

Found this cafe during a trip to Devon, PA and fell in love. It's owned by a kind and lovely woman, in which ALL proceeds benefit PALS Animal Rescue. The workers are volunteers -- and just the kindest people. The food is really good!! They have tons of gluten free and vegan options available. My favorite breakfast dish is the Vegan Banana French Toast. My sister and mom got the Creamed Chipped Beef over breakfast potatoes and said it was super good. Just a really cozy cafe and there's also adorable cats for adoption. Win win. :)

From Google, October 2021


What an absolute gem outside of Philadelphia. Visited here on a trip and it certainly left an impression. Berkley is the sweetest mascot for a cute little cafe with great food. The proceeds from your meal go to support PALS cat rescue! A cat cafe may bring up some concerns of cleanliness but rest assured the staff keeps the cafe extremely clean and sanitized constantly! If you're passing through and love cats make this a must go!


From Facebook, January 30, 2021


The beyond brilliant beautiful and talented ...told me about Black Cat Cafe in Devon. She knows I love chicken salad and said theirs is delicious! I immediately followed them but just didn’t get out there until the other day. While following them on Facebook, I fell in love with their posts. They were just so honest. More than once, they’d post things like- Hey Guys- we’ve made some delicious food and we have no customers. Please come in. I felt for them. They are a non-profit just trying to feed and give homes to cats. (You can donate on their website to feed cats- great Christmas gift for my daughter who is so proud to have fed 20 shelter cats via Santa)

So, I saw another fb post on Wednesday asking for customers so I called straight away and placed an order. Judy, who I spoke with, was just lovely!! We chatted and my guess is she’s responsible for the Facebook page because she’s just a sincere, straight up person. I could have chatted with her forever! I ordered chicken salad for myself- a lot. They sell it by the sandwich which would be my only critique.I got enough for 4 sandwiches. My husband requested tuna. My husband hates fruit and food mixed. I don’t know why. It’s a pet peeve of his. I personally love fruit and food mixed! The chicken salad has apples and cranberries in it. As did the tuna. I arrived home after picking up my food around 4:30 and placed it in the fridge. Every time I walked into the kitchen, I saw the chicken salad out on the counter with a fork in it. I put it away. Then repeat several times over the next three hours. Suddenly I saw that there was very little left and I bought a lot. My husband was devouring my chicken salad!! With the fruit in it!! I had a bite and it was quite good. I decided to pack it in another container and hide it for a sandwich next day. I came down to make said sandwich and it was gone!! I looked at him with my eyes bulging out of my head and all he said was- I couldn’t stop eating it!

So, if you’ve read this far, you’ll see that Black Cat has some pretty irresistible chicken salad. And also that nothing in my house is sacred. My only suggestion is that they sell the chicken salad by the pound rather than the sandwich, when not ordering a sandwich.

From Facebook, January 9, 2021

If you are looking for a different place to try, we highly recommend The Black Cat Cafe in Devon, PA. Excellent homemade food, incredibly charming atmosphere (socially distanced), and super friendly staff (all volunteers). But the best part is that 80% of the proceeds go to saving kitties! Open for breakfast/lunch but they have some dinner specials coming up too! Give it a try!

From Facebook, April 23, 2021

So after seeing a post yesterday for Black Cat Cafe, I was absolutely tempted - – 1. I love a good deli lunch to break up the monotony of the day; 2. I want to support the heck out of our community and businesses; 3. I have a soft spot for cats (despite being the fur mom to an unrepentant chronic peer. Can’t even talk about it.)

So I consolidated an order for local family and planned to pick up some sandwiches and drop on porches.

Well I’ll be damned—“doing good” has NEVER TASTED SO GOOD! Black Cat’s chicken salad was *perfect*—not dry, but not gloopy, the perfect mayo/chicken/bread ratio. With my first mouthful, I gasped, “oh wow!” I was expecting a nice treat (/of not having to prepare 2,674 sandwiches for 3 kids)—what I was treated to was a TOP NOTCH Chicken salad sammie! Boom!

I called out to my 8 year old, how were his choco chip pancakes? (Pancakes are an equal opportunity meal, as far as I’m concerned.) “good!” He replied.

“Actually, DELICIOUS!” he quickly ammended. I would’ve liked to try a bite, but they were *inhaled* before I could grab a fork. My 7 year old daighter echoed similar sentiments re. her pancakes.

The texts streaming about the lunches I dropped off at other households have been in agreement: these were some damn fine sandwiches! “Yum!” “Oh wow, these were great!” “This chicken salad is AMAZE!” were the texted feedback.

Frankly, it was a good afternoon all around: I got to leave the jr. beasts and take a quick, Sheryl Crow-laden jaunt up the Pike, picked up some delicious lunch, and hopefully helped some wonderful people and a wonderful organization out! But frankly, I feel like the patrons of Black Cat Cafe are the REAL winners here!

(Oh, pro tip! DO NOT MISS the key lime pie & carrot cake!

From Google, November 2020

Incredible!!!!!!!!!! We ordered a Thanksgiving meal from Black Cat Cafe and I can say without a doubt that THIS WAS THE BEST THANKSGIVING MEAL MY FAMILY AND I HAVE EVER HAD... It was INCREDIBLE!!!! You can tell that so much love and hard work goes into every single dish... We are always looking for places to order Thanksgiving meals from because we don't have time to cook, but they're always sub-par. Let me say it again: THIS MEAL WAS INCREDIBLE!!! We literally had to tape up the pie box so we would stop eating it ahead of time... No joke. And that it's all for the cats... couldn't have found a more noble cause-- couldn't have found better food anywhere else.

From Google, December 2020

Wonderful cafe with great food, vegan options that are delicious, and a mission to save cats. Charming gift shop with fun items to browse and buy. Oh, and an amazing ice cream selection. I wish I lived next door!

From Google, October 2020

If you're an animal lover, looking for something delicious to eat, or even just in the area - visit The Black Cat Cafe! I went with my family for lunch when I was nearby and so glad I did! Everyone was super friendly! The food was tasty and delicious - with such a variety to choose from! And, they have a little shop inside to purchase some fun cat themed keepsakes. My favorite part - all proceeds benefit P.A.L.S. animal rescue!!! Enjoy great food while helping animals! 🖤🐈

From Yelp, January 16, 2021

Thank you to Judy and Jamie for a lovely breakfast and equally lovely experience! Really enjoyed learning about your mission to rescue cats. Any restaurant that works to support animal rescues has my vote. We will be back for the February Valentines Dinner and look forward to seeing you both again. Please keep up the great work in this lovely, little neighborhood gem.  

From Yelp, April 21, 2020

We love the Black Cat Cafe it's so charming and everyone has always been so friendly. The food is wonderful and even better it's all for an amazing cause! My son loves looking at the kittens in the gift shop area and devours the blueberry pancakes every time. Thank you for running such a worthy non profit business to help save animals, I can't wait until we can "dine in" again :)

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